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The Stay-at-Home Bucket List

Most of us live on Couch Island these days, which can start to feel especially dull when you think about the actual island-hopping that can’t happen right now. The good news? Staying in The Great Indoors still offers a wealth of bucket-list worthy items, even if some of them require a bit of creative thinking. 

What Smokers Should Know About Life Insurance

It’s no secret smoking can impact your health, but did you know it can impact your life insurance rates? And it’s not a small difference. Smokers can pay thousands more in premiums over the life of their policy. So, you know you need life insurance, but you’re not ready to kick the habit. There are

How to Say No and Be Fulfilled in Work and in Life

It’s hard to say no. From pressure to look agreeable and easy-going to the desire to avoid conflict, there are many reasons why we sometimes say yes when we don’t really want to.  But the reality is: saying yes all the time can be both physically and mentally exhausting. If we continue agreeing to things

11 New Ways to Celebrate The Good Stuff During Quarantine

If being quarantined has left you uninspired for how to celebrate the special occasions or the people in your life, it’s time to get creative. These are unprecedented times, indeed. So celebrating a quarantine birthday, anniversary, new baby, old friendship, or any milestone in-between requires a new approach. We have some new ideas to keep

An Introvert’s Guide to Being Successful at Work

Today’s workplace involves open floor plans, after-work happy hours, networking events, and interactive meetings. For those with introverted personalities — who thrive in less-stimulating, slower-paced environments — this can be not only stressful, but also limiting.  With mounting pressure to get ahead, today’s workplace seems tailor-made for extroverts, who are more than willing to put

5 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Find a New Job

As millennials enter the workforce, they bring with them a fundamental shift in office culture and expectations. With their generation poised to make up 50% of the entire workforce by next year, their philosophies on freelance and remote work, competitive benefits, and relaxed office styles are only going to become more common.  In addition to

Got Career Envy? Here are 5 Ways to Use it to Your Advantage

When you see a friend or colleague’s post about a big promotion, you want to be happy for them. But that’s sometimes easier said than done — especially if the promotion came with a raise or increased benefits that you’d like as well.  These feelings are known as “career envy,” or the comparison of yourself

Best Practices for Working from Home

So, you work from home now? We’re in the risk business, so we were pretty prepared for an all-company, WFH scenario. We even did a test drive when rumors of the impact of COVID-19 began to spread.  That’s not to brag, but to say, we’ve been there, we made it through, and you can too.

What Are the Sunday Scaries? (+ How to Combat Them!)

The concept of a “Lazy Sunday” conjures images of reading your favorite book with a mug of tea, taking a nice stroll around the neighborhood, or watching your favorite movie with a good snack. Unfortunately, for 80% of professionals, these idyllic feelings aren’t a Sunday reality. Instead, the majority of workers experience what is known

How to Find Your Ikigai and Live a Life of Purpose

Have you ever stopped to think about your purpose in life? Or why you get up every morning? (Think beyond having to go to work or take the kids to school.) In Japan, this quest for meaning is known as your ikigai.  Let’s explore how to find your ikigai and why it might help you

How to Make Friends as an Adult: 7 Tips to Make New Connections

As a kid, friendships happened naturally. It was as easy as being in the same class or playing the same sport. Those childhood bonds formed effortlessly and sometimes lasted years. But as an adult, making new friends is a lot harder. Whether you’re an introvert who prefers to stay in, a busy parent raising kids,

150 Bucket List Ideas + Printables to Help You Live Your Best Life

You’ve probably seen people talking about their bucket list ideas on social media or  blogs, but what is a “bucket list?” Simply put, a bucket list is a set of experiences that someone wants to have before they “kick the bucket.” This might seem a little morbid, but it’s actually really important to have a

90 Success Quotes to Help You Live Your Best Life

No matter who you are, chances are you’ve needed some motivation to be successful at some point in your life. Despite the term “overnight success,” no one actually achieves it in that timeframe — and sometimes that reminder helps. If you’re feeling discouraged or just need a little pick-me-up, it’s important to motivate yourself and

10 Times You May Have Accidentally Wasted Five Minutes

The road to productivity is paved with good intentions and a few too many off-ramps. We’re proud our 5-minute application process, because we know your time is valuable.    Started changing your sheets, but then just laid down and accidentally took a nap on your mattress. 2. Looked up “do you boil the water before

10 Ways Sleep Can Extend Your Life

Sleep: we all know we need more of it. The National Sleep Foundation still recommends a solid seven-to-nine hours for adults 26-64, yet one in three people aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s easy to dismiss our general lack of sleep. “I’m too busy,” or “Something came up,” or “I have a baby,” are all common

How to Thrive While Taking a Career Break

The Importance of Career Breaks You know that feeling when you’ve had a really stressful day and lunch just can’t come quick enough? Imagine that, but on a grander scale — when going to lunch and never coming back is all you can think about. That’s when you need a career break. According to the

Staying Afloat While Navigating Unemployment and Job Hunting

Recently Unemployed and Lost It happens to everyone at some point — unemployment and a sense of panic. The reason for your unemployment is moot. What matters is that you’re going to do something about it. If this is you right now, it’s important you know you’re not alone; there are currently more than six

The 12 Best Apps for Tracking Your Health in 2019 (Infographic)

The New Year is seen as a time of new beginnings and resolutions. It’s the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in our lives, which is why so many Americans make living a happier, healthier lifestyle a top priority. For many of us, that means exercising more, eating better foods, or losing weight. Sticking to

Does Love Make You Live Longer?

For some, February is synonymous with pricey prix fixe Valentine’s Day dinners, elaborate floral bouquets, and other grand, romantic gestures. But Cupid’s holiday isn’t the only reason for observing matters of the heart this month. February is also officially American Heart Month, which is aimed at raising awareness and supporting a heart-healthy lifestyle. With heart

Why Giving Is Good For Your Health

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Mahatma Gandhi Whether you make donations to your favorite charity or volunteer your time at a local pet shelter, there’s no denying that the act of giving is beneficial to those in the receiving end. But it’s also great for the

Famous Quotes We Live By

Bestow is on a mission to modernize the life insurance experience. Not an easy task! We often find inspiration to accomplish something meaningful from leaders who’ve done so in their lives. We thought we’d share some of our favorite quotes with y’all. Enjoy! Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert