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“Very easy and straight forward ”
I was initially going to purchase additional life insurance coverage through my employer, but after comparing premiums Bestow came out as the clear winner.
- DT

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“Super Easy, Super Fast! ”
The sign-up process was super fast. I was able to complete a few questionnaires right from my mobile, which took about 10 mins. Once complete, the app returned an instant rate quote. Additionally, I was able to select from an impressive range of coverage to best suit my budget and needs.
- Jonathan

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“I was very impressed ”
I was very impressed with how easy and fast it went! Wow...highly recommended. No agents to deal with, no tests, super fun!
- Irene

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Bestow is Amazing

This was by far the easiest life insurance process I've ever experienced. In a matter of minutes, I had a 20-year $500,000 term policy in place with a monthly premium less expensive than the $100,000 policy I currently had. Bestow is an amazing platform and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Emily Evans

Coverage in less than 5-minutes

Woo-hoo! The best part was that I could do everything online and didn't end up with 15 voicemails from agents afterward. Everything was clear and easy to understand.

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Justin S.

Excellent, easy and quick application process!

I applied and was approved for a $1 million dollar policy in less than 10 minutes. Links right to your credit card and is incredibly affordable! Signed up my wife 2 days later. Every single person looking for Life Insurance should come here!

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Easy, fair and fast.

I'd been meaning to get life insurance in place for our family for a while now, but dreaded the process I anticipated. Bestow couldn't have made it easier, and now I have that extra peace of mind.

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So Impressed

I am so impressed with the customer service at Bestow. The process was incredibly easy and quick, and everyone I spoke with was friendly and supportive. :)

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Very efficient and easy to complete…

Very efficient and easy to complete life insurance online. Upfront on what you had to do, what you're receiving and step-by-step instructions on how to complete. Would recommend to other family and friends looking for term life insurance.

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Timothy Chism

The process was quick, easy and affordable.

In less than 10 minutes I was insured and that gave me peace of mind. Also, I just scored some cool points with my wife.

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Great application process!

The application process was easy and not time-consuming at all. Literally had coverage in about 10 minutes. I appreciate that being a very busy person. The follow up was great and it is easy to access your account if you have questions. Thanks Bestow!

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Great Experience

My experience with Bestow could not have been better. After comparison-shopping, I was pleased that Bestow found coverage for me which fit my needs perfectly and saved me money. The online process was fast and easy. The representatives I spoke to were helpful, but not overbearing with high-pressure sales tactics. Overall, I highly recommend Bestow to anyone in the market for term life insurance.

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